Family Support Services

Family Support Services administers federal and state-mandated programs for eligible families.  These programs include:

  • Work First Family Assistance / Work First Employment Services
  • TANF Emergency Assistance / Services for Low Income Families
  • Crisis Intervention Program / Low Income Energy Assistance Program
  • Refugee Assistance Program

In addition, the Family Support Services unit also houses additional, less formal, programs which address potential needs and support self-sufficiency.  These offerings include:

  • Housing Assistance
  • Employment Services
  • SOAR Program

Finally, the Family Support Services unit serves as the agency’s general services intake.

General Services Intake

Ashe County DSS has a worker available during business hours to assess individuals and families presenting with general needs that do not fall into other program areas.  Needs such as clothing, medication for non-insured, furniture, transportation, home repairs, etc. are assessed by a social worker who then makes referrals to other programs/agencies as appropriate.  Family Support Services works closely with local resources such as BROC, Daymark, Ashe Really Cares, Ashe Food Pantry, Ashe Medication Assistance Program and other in-house DSS programs to ensure that individuals and families have the resources to meet their basic needs.