Medicaid Transportation

Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation (NEMT)

NEMT Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation is available to Medicaid Recipients who are receiving on a qualified and eligible Medicaid Program. Some Medicaid programs are not eligible for Medicaid Transportation. Providers must be a Medicaid enrolled provider and visit must be a Medicaid covered service. NEMT if approved, will assist you to the nearest, closest medical provider, by the least expensive method suitable. Medicaid Transportation offers Mileage Reimbursement, Gas Vouchers, or Rides with Ashe County Transportation Authority. (Lift Vans are Wheel Chair accessible).

Transportation is provided to and from your home to your medical appointments that are covered by Medicaid. You have the right to select your own medical provider except when the needed service can be obtained locally and when the chosen provider is not at a significantly greater distance frorm your residence solely because of personal preference.

If there is a reason for seeing a provider outside of Ashe County when the service can be obtained locally, then a referral from a local provider with justification will be required.

Apply for NC Medicaid Direct

You must complete a current Medicaid Transportation Application annually.  Some Medicaid Programs are not eligible for Medicaid Transportation. If you are unsure of what type Medicaid Program you are on, you may contact us at 336-846-5688 or email at for a complete explanation of Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation.

For NC Medicaid Managed Care, you will need to contact your Health Care Plan.

If you receive your Medicaid thru a NC Managed Care Plan contact the Transportation Vendor associated with that plan below:

Healthcare PlanTransportation VendorPhone #